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DESIGN, BUILD AND SHARE YOUR OWN APPS - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Design, build and share your own apps with the official guide from MIT App Inventor. Follow simple step-by-step instructions for six different projects using MIT's free App Inventor website, and you can make a maze game, a translation game and even a personalized chat app! Use what you've learned to come up with your own ideas, then download your new apps to a phone or table, and share them with friends! Along the way, you'll hear stories of young app inventors from all over the world, who are using MIT App Inventor to create amazing apps that solve real-life problems. Learn, invent and change the world!
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Picture of Benny the blue whale
AI is changing the world at frightening speed. A bestselling author decides to find out more… ‘Something profound and utterly brilliant is going on… hilarious.’ THE TIMES Is ChatGPT the end of creative industries as we know them? An ethical quagmire from which there is no return? A threat to all our jobs, as we keep hearing on the news? Bestselling children’s author Andy Stanton has made a career out of writing differently – from the unconventional ‘hero’ of his bestselling Mr Gum series to his penchant for absurdist plots, his children’s books are anything but formulaic. When a friend introduces him to ChatGPT, the new large language chatbot, Andy is as sceptical as he is curious. Can this jumble of algorithms really mimic the spontaneity of human thought? Could it one day replace human authors like him for good? And are we soon to be ruled over by despotic robot overlords? He decides there’s only one thing for it – he must test this bot’s capabilities. Eventually, he settles on a prompt that will push the algorithm to its creative limits: ‘tell me a story about a blue whale with a tiny penis.’ Chaos ensues. What follows is a surprising and illuminating battle between Andy and ChatGPT that maybe, just maybe, might help us all understand AI a little bit better. Join Andy and his beleaguered AI lackey on a rollicking metafictional journey through the art of storytelling. Presenting his prompts and the AI-generated narrative alongside extensive commentary, Stanton provides a startling paean to the art of a good story and boundless human creativity. Hopeful and hilarious, Benny the Blue Whale provides a joyfully anarchic meditation on AI, literature and why we write.
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Picture of GET CODING! PB
Learn how to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and build your own website, app, and game! An essential guide to computer programming for kids by kids. Crack open this book and set off on several fun missions while simultaneously learning the basics of writing code. Want to make a website from scratch? Create an app? Build a game? All the tools are here, laid out in a user-friendly format that leads kids on an imaginary quest to keep a valuable diamond safe from dangerous jewel thieves. Presented by Young Rewired State an international collective of tech-savvy kids in easy-to-follow, bite-size chunks, the real-life coding skills taught in this engaging, comprehensive guide may just set young readers on the path to becoming technology stars of the future."
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Picture of The Hitchhikers guide to AI
For the past decade, Arthur Goldstuck has had a front-row seat to witness the remarkable rise of AI across all sectors of business and society. As generative AI becomes a household phrase and sparks hopes and fears of machines augmenting or replacing human beings, this guide offers an invaluable overview of the past, present and future of AI. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to AI is aimed at both beginners and those who consider themselves experienced or skilled at using AI. It draws on many years of direct access to global and regional leaders in using AI, from Africa to the Middle East to North America to Europe and Asia, and it provides unique perspectives on generative AI, as well as practical advice for using it. It is useful for consumers, academics, professionals and anyone in business who wants to get up to speed quickly and practically. It also entertains and inspires anyone who is curious about AI or already engaged in its possibilities. Need to understand or refine prompting? You’re in the right place. Need to prepare for the coming impact of AI on health, travel, education and business? This is the book for you.
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Level up your campaign with these interactive activities and instructions for maximizing your storytelling skills so you can enjoy the ultimate RPG experience. Get your next campaign rolling right with The Ultimate RPG Guide Boxed Set. This collection has advice and activities for every step of your adventure so you can make the most of your gaming sessions. This collection includes: The Ultimate Character Backstory Guide: This collection of interactive entries guides you through creating a backstory for your characters, whether you’re building out the story for a character you’re currently playing, creating a new character, or dreaming up someone new for a future campaign. You will find activities to discover exactly how good, neutral, or evil your character is, how they got their mysterious scars, and what other secrets they’re hiding. The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide: This guide is a must-have for any beginner player or group, or anyone looking to take their gameplay to the next level! With story-focused advice for pacing, setting, themes, and mood, and tips like how to hold a Session Zero to plan your adventure, how to use improv skills during gameplay, and how to set the scene with music and lighting for interactive gameplay, this book is jam-packed with helpful content to make your game a hit! The Ultimate RPG Game Master’s Worldbuilding Guide: This collection of interactive prompts and activities is perfect for any game master—or aspiring game master—to help build and round out game worlds for your next RPG adventure. With activities to help create worlds for games in the fantasy, horror, and x-punk genres, and a robust intro section with advice, tips, and tricks from expert game master James D’Amato, this book will help you create the best game ever.
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