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The Russians are invading. But the locals have a plan. It's March 2022 and Russian tanks are roaring across the vast, snow-dusted fields of Ukraine. Their destination: Voznesensk, a town with a small bridge that could change the course of the war. The heavily-armed Russians are expecting an easy fight - or no fight at all. After all, Voznesensk is a quiet farming town, full of pensioners. But the locals appear to have other ideas. Svetlana, a grandmother with arthritis, reacts in fury when Russian troops turn her cottage into their blood-soaked headquarters. Valentin, a quick-talking lawyer, joins the town's 'Dads Army' defenders, crouching in a trench with an AK47. Meanwhile, 21-year-old Sergei grabs a Molotov cocktail and lies in wait for Russian tanks as they push towards Dead Water Bridge. The odds are terrible. But a plan is emerging, and there's a chance it could save not just Voznesensk, but the rest of southern Ukraine. Meanwhile, inside the tanks, an inner battle rages. As Russian officer Igor Rudenko prepares to invade, he has a secret. He is Ukrainian himself. A gripping work of reportage that tells the story of a pivotal moment in Ukraine's war, this is a real-life thriller about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances with resilience, humour and ingenuity.
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The first six Atlantic Editions in a boxed collection. On BTS: Pop Music, Fandom, Sincerityby Lenika Cruz A love letter to Korean pop sensation BTS and an ode to fandom. On Misdirection: Magic, Mayhem, American Politicsby Megan Garber An investigation of misinformation and fracturing in contemporary American political culture. On Womanhood: Bodies, Literature, Choiceby Sophie Gilbert Twelve incisive, probing essays on womanhood in popular culture. On Grief: Love, Loss, Memory by Jennifer Senior The unflinching Pulitzer Prize–winning essay on mourning and recovery in the wake of an inconceivable tragedy. On Nobody Famous: Guesting, Gossiping, Gallivantingby Kaitlyn Tiffany and Lizzie Plaugic Dispatches from the everyday adventures of two regular women in New York. On Work: Money, Meaning, Identity by Derek Thompson A rousing commentary on the history of labor and the future of work. Atlantic Editions draw fromThe Atlantic’s rich literary history and robust coverage of the driving cultural and political forces of today. Each book features reported essays by Atlantic writers from the magazine’s 165-year archive.
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Underpinned by a quest to travel through the ordinary doors of perception, Bamboozled is a deep exploration of self, set in an age of false prophets and confusion. It's her "coming home" from Smacked, in search of joy and freedom. Written in Ferguson's no-holds barred signature style, her latest memoir is about looking for patterns and uncovering answers in a world that's crumbling. It's also about loosening the grip of money and finding magic. Then she rescues a dog who ends up rescuing her.
R 340.00
Koopman brilliantly wades through the flotsam and jetsam of generations, among shipwrecks and sunken treasures in an attempt at familial and collective healing. She faces up against her insecurities as a brown relatively privileged 'elder millennial'. An artist, a daughter, a queer woman in love, she is in pursuit of healing and always and forever trying to lose that last 5kgs to the great disappointment of her feminist self.
R 305.00
When Chris Hani was assassinated in 1993, he left SA teetering on the precipice of civil war. But to 12-year old Lindiwe Hani, it was her Daddy, who had been brutally taken. Being Chris Hani's daughter propels Lindiwe into a downward spiral of addiction. Finally she confronts her demons -her father's killers - Janus Walusz and Clive Derby Lewis.
R 295.00
Betereinder is ’n menslike gids oor hoe om te floreer in Suid-Afrika. Schalk W van Heerden verbreed lesers se verwysingsraamwerk in die hoop dat hulle 'n aktiewe rol in die land sal speel. Hy ondersoek huidige rassegesindhede en gee wenke oor hoe die wit middelklas beter met hul medemens kan omgaan. Hy wys hoe armoede bekamp kan word. Schalk beantwoord moeilike vrae en deel stories met humor en empatie wat die leser se hart sal aangryp en ook sal laat glo dat hulle 'n verskil kan maak.
R 270.00