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Picture of 100 FIRST WORDS BOX SET
The perfect box for early learning! Packed with delightful illustrations, these board books will help little ones develop their vocabulary and stimulate language. With its cardboard pages and a cover with rounded corners, perfect size for toddlers’ hands to handle with ease
R 920.00 R 1 030.40
Travel the globe in this inspiring journey through the animal kingdom. A Song of Gladness is a timely reminder of the beauty and importance of the natural world from two of today's most celebrated children's book creators. From a blackbird in a Devon garden to leopards in the African savanna, hibernating bears and chimpanzees high in the forest canopy, A Song of Gladness reminds us all of our connection with nature, and with each other, and the urgent need for us to join together in caring for the planet and every creature in it. Former Children's Laureate and CILIP Carnegie Medal winner Sir Michael Morpurgo's beautiful story is both moving and full of hope; the illustrations from twice CILIP Kate Greenaway-winning Emily Gravett are breathtaking. This gorgeous book is a classic in the making and the perfect gift for any animal and nature lover.
R 378.00
Picture of ALIENS HB
"Packs a wealth of information about the complexities of space and the possibility of life beyond Earth... You’ll wow your friends and family with the otherworldly tidbits you discover." – Time for Kids Do aliens exist? Are UFOs real? The race is on to discover alien life in the universe! This book will sort myth from fact to bring you the real science behind the search for alien lifeforms. Space expert Joalda Morancy will take readers on a tour of the Solar System (and beyond) on board new NASA missions searching for the most likely alien hiding places – from icy moons of Jupiter to the clouds of Venus. Along the way kids will find out about: – The robots sent to Mars to look for Martians – What really goes on at Area 51 – Ways to spot an advanced alien civilisation (hint – look for dim stars) Readers will explore a comet, race futuristic spaceships, and discuss what we would say to aliens when we finally meet them (after “hello!”). They may seem as fanciful as wizards and monsters, but this book will show that scientists not only believe that aliens exist – but that it’s only a matter of time before we find them.
R 157.50
Bulldozers shove and shunt. Their engines throb and thrum. Rumbling across the ground… here they come! Amazing Machines: Busy Bulldozers follows Rabbit, Bird and Mouse as they become bulldozer operators and help out on a busy building site. Zippy rhyming wordplay and zappy art make learning about bulldozers fun, and each page is filled with details that machine-mad kids will love. From aeroplanes to electric cars, the internationally bestselling Amazing Machines series is the perfect way for children to learn about all sorts of machines and vehicles! Each book introduces a new vehicle or machine and the many jobs it can do. Bright, engaging artwork and simple, rhyming text combine to make these fantastic books for young children. Kids will love getting to know the friendly, animal characters who feature throughout the series and reading about their fast-paced adventures!
R 173.25
An introduction to lots of different animals for preschoolers. This book includes topic such as the habitats, movement, appearances, animal families and much more! Turn the wheels, slide the tabs, and open the flaps to learn all about different animals and the amazing things they do. Specially designed to engage preschoolers, the brightly illustrated pages sand fun facts make learning about our bodies a fully interactive experiences. Part of the best selling My Little World series, which include other titles: Watch Me Grow, My Little World My Body.
R 157.50
Learn about Baby’s world in this interactive and photographic board book series—now in a gifty box set! This collection of bright and interactive board books presents key concepts to little ones. Baby will explore emotions with Making Faces; first words with Baby Loves; and opposites in Baby Up, Baby Down. With fun and adorable photography, these books are the perfect introduction to Baby’s world.
R 510.00 R 571.20