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Picture of  Landscapes of Short Stories Gr. 10 English Second Additional Language (short story anthology)
Landscapes of Short Stories is an anthology of 17 short stories (from Phyllis Savory to Chinua Achebe) chosen for Grade 10 Second Additional Language learners, and is based on CAPS. Many of the stories are local while others from around the world. Stories are divided according to theme: personal, humour, nature and science, crime, social issues, money matters, and politics and peace, and cover the vast metaphorical landscape of what it means to be human. This anthology is CAPS approved.
R 228.48
Picture of 4.50 From Paddington: B2+
R 189.75
Picture of A Midsummer Night's Dream Fourth edition
R 216.20
Picture of A Murder Is Announced: B2
R 218.50
Picture of A Pocket Full of Rye: B2+
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Picture of A shining star (Grade8)
I live in Alex. It’s a place that never sleeps. Cops, nurses and lovers live here, foreigners from war-torn countries, and the unemployed brothers of mothers. It’s everything to me, my mother and father, my auntie and my uncle. The only other place I could live – is space. Dudu, a lively 15-year-old, lives with her mom in Alexandra township. “I’m not pale enough to be white, and not brown enough to be black. Call me difficult, everyone else does,” says Dudu. She and her best friend S’bu share an interest in astronomy, standing together against the teasing of their classmates. She persuades S’bu to help her search for her father, who disappeared back to Europe before she was born. Meanwhile, tensions are mounting in Alex. Foreignersare being targeted, and Dudu’s heritage makes her one of the scapegoats. Violence erupts. As Dudu, her mother and S’bu are forced to stand up for their beliefs, they realise the importance of the ties that bind them all.
R 78.20